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If you have questions about a traffic violation, speak with a lawyer by calling 1-844-200-FIRM. This firm can assist you by answering your questions, by advising you about your options, and by providing you with representation. 

The firm provides representation for traffic tickets issued throughout New York, and can represent you regardless of where you received your ticket, as long as it was given in New York State. The firm has in depth knowledge of traffic violation law, and significant experience representing clients for their traffic violation matters throughout New York State. Whether you are seeking representation for a speeding ticket, cell phone ticket, insurance ticket, or any other kind of traffic ticket, the firm can assist you. 

For traffic violations, the firm provides representation for court conferences, hearings, trials, motion practice, and appeals. The firm also advises clients on how to avoid driver license points, driver license suspensions, and insurance increases. Motorists with all forms of driver licenses can receive the legal advice and representation that they need from this firm. 

In addition, the firm can assist with injury and accident law matters including, but not limited to, motor vehicle accidents. If you have been involved in any form of accident, and you are seriously injured, you can contact the firm to speak with an attorney for legal advice and representation. 

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